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Representatives of Young Effect, took part in an international training organized by Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy – “Englishman in Youth Work” under the Erasmus + Program, which took place between 12th of April 2018 and 19th of April 2018. In total, 30 people from Poland, Turkey, Macedonia, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain took part in the international meeting.

The training was created in cooperation with all partners for youth workers in order to deepen and raise awareness of their communication skills in English and skills in using modern technologies (IT) in the context of preparation and implementation of international projects, with particular emphasis on the Erasmus + program: Youth.

The aim of the training was, among others:

– Equipping 28 youth workers with tools and competences related to the subject, tools and instruments concerning the correct and effective implementation of an international project, with particular emphasis on the KA1 Erasmus + action, in English

– Creating a framework for cooperation between non-governmental organizations working for the youth, especially with fewer opportunities by exploring the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program

– Deepening and developing communication skills in English among youth workers

– Understanding, exploring and testing in practice the specific design vocabulary used in particular in Erasmus + projects: Youth

– Providing opportunities to share instruments and tools that the partners use to create a positive impact on local communities

– Raising the level of competences of key youth workers by developing common tools for fuller participation

– Development and familiarization of participants with innovative methods of dissemination of project results using modern IT tools (programs, video-graphic processing)

– Presentation of positive sides and threats provided by the implementation of international projects

– Developing self-confidence and the ability to create, implement and evaluate projects in English, with particular focus on Erasmus + projects: Youth

– Promotion of diversity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue

– Strengthening the sense of initiative in young people, especially those with fewer opportunities

– Supporting youth workers to support young people, in particular by promoting mobility and cooperation between stakeholders

As part of an eight-day meeting, the participants took part in many classes. The training began with integration activities, thanks to which a positive atmosphere and a well-integrated international group were built. Participants expanded their knowledge about the Erasmus + program and the Youthpass certificate. In the following days, youth workers divided into two groups took part in language classes and IT classes. They also took part in the city game and met with representatives of the local non-governmental organization. As part of the training, the participants could also share their experience and exchange good practices, as well as took part in open space. As part of the training, youth workers met with young people from the school in Nowe Bystre, where divided into 5 international groups, they performed tasks related to working with groups of young people with fewer opportunities, using the competence of English and non-verbal communication. During the training, intercultural evenings and Erasmus + BBQ were organized.

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