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In “cry of hope”  project I had the opportunity to participate in on of the best training I had in my life. The project was held in delightful city of Torremolinos. The aim of the project, that involved thirtyfive participants from Latvia,Italy,Slovenia,Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Poland, Greece and Romania was to spread awareness on Hate Speech phenomena and its consequences.

During five days, of very busy schedule we’ve got the chance to learn all sorts of things. Through many work shops we’ve tackled this topic and learned in non-formal way. We’ve had interesting discussions about hate speech, cyberbullying, but also have done researches about what Every country is doing to prevent and tackle this phenomena. Finally, on our last day, we got the chance to summarize the things we’ve learned by writing reports, suggesting solutions on how to improve internet and parental control in relation to cyberbullism.   

On the other hand,project was focused also intercultural learning and gaining tolerance towards other cultures.Without hesitation I can say that those were one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without our all-time cheerful organizer Clara and smart and generous facilitators Oscar and Tiziano. Not only that I’ve learned about others but also about myself.

Everyday brought some new challenges and experiences for life. In the first two days I’ve gained huge amount of self-esteem while playing all sorts of team building games. It was astonishing to see how these simple and witty games loosened up every single individual. As the days went by, it was obvious that everyone felt comfortable and relaxed.  

To add up, this was the perfect opportunity to present Italy to the ones that maybe could have had some stereotypes about us. As much as lots of participants visited our country we’ve gave our best to incorporate well known facts with new ones.  Not only did we represent it at intercultural evening but also from day-to-day. I’ve got the chance to try typical Spanish cuisine as well as their traditional drinks.

I’m very pleased to say that complete strangers became one of my best friends and thought me how to love and appreciate this life as an living human being. Of course that some of ushad disagreements and some of them will stay just acquaintances but among all it’s something unexceptional and inescapable. But all in all, this event was a tremendous success from my point of view.

At the end I’m asking you, what’s your next step? Whatever you decide don’t stop seeking for unknown and building yourself in order to comprehend others.


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