Saturday 8th June 2019 10,00 am Magenta Living Library

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Living library Magenta 8th of June, 2019  at 10 am

What is Living Library?

The Living Library is based on a concept that works similar to a “real-life” library. Like in libraries where people borrow books to read according to their preferences/interests, in the living library the books are actual people and the reading happens through conversation. 

The concept of the Living Library arose from the original establishment of the “Human Library” in Denmark in year 2000. A group of young people aimed to bring forth that the rights of people should be defended not only through legal means such as texts, instead, they could be addressed through organized activities, such as events. 

The continuation, that became to be known as the “Living Library” was adopted by the Council of Europe in 2003. The purpose of it is to highlight the importance of raising awareness among people regarding human rights, to empower the role of democracy and to establish a more accepting society. Its main aims therefore consist of challenging stereotypes, stigma, prejudice as well as discrimination. 

The Living Library will take place on the 8th of June 2019, in “Parco di Casa Giacobbe” in Magenta. It will offer you the possibility to encounter “real life books” and to listen to their stories. The books are based on people who have faced the difficulties that inequalities have brought in our societies. By bringing Living Library to Magenta, we want to achieve the main aims that it stands for. Engage therefore, in this opportunity to have conversations with people, to challenge prejudice, and support the importance of “Human rights are everybody’s rights”.  (Article made by Josephine Kolehmainen)

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