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4-10 September 2011 in Morimondo and Cassinetta di Lugagnano.

“MAIA” is a training course Youth in Action, Action 4.3 proposed by Young Effect Association based in Magenta (Milano district), Italy.
Young people in rural areas can have difficulties on health, education and work. Moreover the sense of boredom can generate violence phenomena in little cities. But the rural can become a
potentiality if developed in a responsible way through rural tourism, biological production and local territory valorization.
The main aim of our training course is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers and youth leaders working with young people in rural and suburban areas struggling with social
exclusion, poverty and so develop in them a new spirit for challenges and initiatives.
Moreover this training wants to create a network within organizations working in rural areas in Europe.
Partners from Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Romania and Malta will cooperate in the project and we are expecting 22 participants.

The following partners will cooperate in the project:

Municipality of Cassinetta di Lugagnano:

Municipality of Morimondo:

Action Aid International:

Associazione Lule:

Associazione Arte&Vita:

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