Training Course in Cappadocia – Turchia –

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KAYSERI – Cappadocia – Turchia

1 Novembre-8 Novembre 2011

Età: 18-30

Project’s aims:

  • To increase the visibility of volunteer works
  • To increase the youth participation and youth policy on the volunteer works
  • To make more visible to volunteerism
  • Effectively volunteerism presentation
  • Communicate with large target audience about volunteerism
  • Teaching the way to dissemination of the volunteer works
  • Using and disseminating of the volunteerism results
  • To share everyone’s knowledge and learn from others about how to make better volunteer works
  • To understand which works are volunteer works and why
  • To share good examples and experiences on the volunteer works.
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Young Effect in UK

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Using the Global Environment as a tool for the creation of Intercultural Dialogue

Aim of the week: To look at how issues around the global environment and international campaigns can be implemented at a local and European level with young people through a process of creating intercultural dialogue. There will also be time to plan future projects together between our organisations.

Venues: 4 nights at the Pioneer Centre in Shropshire, UK

2 nights staying at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales

On the Arrival evening and night before the departure we will be staying close to London for easy access to the Airports.

There will also be a visit to the Birmingham Thinktank Museum

We will travel by minibus between the venues

Dates: Arrival: Wednesday 21st September 2011 departure Thursday 29th September 2011

Formulario iscrizione Progetti EU

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