Youth in the world partnership

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Young Effect will be partner for 15th May deadline for Action 3.2 Youth in the world for projects in South America, Senegal, China and several African Countries. Young Effect is partner in about 30 International projects in Europe for 1st May deadline. Thanks to all European and world partners !!

Training Course in Cappadocia – Turchia –

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KAYSERI – Cappadocia – Turchia

1 Novembre-8 Novembre 2011

Età: 18-30

Project’s aims:

  • To increase the visibility of volunteer works
  • To increase the youth participation and youth policy on the volunteer works
  • To make more visible to volunteerism
  • Effectively volunteerism presentation
  • Communicate with large target audience about volunteerism
  • Teaching the way to dissemination of the volunteer works
  • Using and disseminating of the volunteerism results
  • To share everyone’s knowledge and learn from others about how to make better volunteer works
  • To understand which works are volunteer works and why
  • To share good examples and experiences on the volunteer works.
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Young Effect in Africa

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Youth Media

1. Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica (Romania

2. Young Effect Association (Italy)

3. United Societies of Balkans (Greece)

4. UNZA Radio (Zambia)

5. Young People We Care (Ghana)

6. Organisation of Afrikan Youth (Cameroon)

Youth Media project aims to create space for youth voluntary interaction, youth workers and youth leaders in order to exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge,skills and competencies in the delivery of information campaigns for youth and development of partnerships and networks of youth organizations.

The specific objectives are:

– To provide the opportunity of exploring how media can be used in youth activities.

– The acquisition by the participants of creative presentation and communication skills.

– To identifify specific NGO/media relations.

– To increase transnational mobility among young people through directinvolvement in project activities of youth organizations in Africa and Europe.

– To promote active participation of young people by involving them in project implementation activities.

– To promote cooperation and exchange of best practices in non-formal education methods.